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We call it, “Composting with a Conscience”.

At Positive Effects LLC, based in Plymouth MA, we are excited to give back to communities by providing healthy produce.   It simply makes “good business sense” and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

These are Your People, these are Your Communities, Lets make a Difference !


Benefiting from your participation: The Boys & Girls Club




How It Works And How Your Community Benefits

We believe in leaving behind positive effects in local communities.

With the goal of helping communities in tough economic times, we are committed to providing donations of fresh produce to many people in need. By partnering with local farms, we are able to provide produce right back to the people of the community by way of our Food Co-op program and also to food pantries / soup kitchens / shelters and to many local families in need.  By recycling your food waste with us, instead of putting it into a landfill, we have found a great way to reuse it and make an organic substance that grows more nutrient rich produce.

Recycle it with us, it’s a WIN, WIN!

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Fresh Produce And Organic Soil

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