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Join us in our efforts to make a difference in Massachusetts by signing up for our food waste composting service located in Plymouth MA. At Positive Effects we offer an affordable, weekly food recycling and composting service for local businesses and homeowners.

Homeowners, Why wait?  Sign up now.  We pick up and recycle all of your food waste, which you put in our clean receptacle with a special air tight and odor tight lid.  All you have to do is deposit all your food scraps in our container and throw the rest of your household trash in your regular trash can.

All types of food scraps are accepted. For example, we accept all vegetables, fruits including rinds and cores, even if they are old and moldy. Old bread, donuts, cookies, crackers, pizza crust, anything made out of flour. Grains, rice, barley, cooked or uncooked. Coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, egg shells, corn cobs and husks, you name it. And now we even accept the meat, fish & dairy products that we used to ask people to exclude.

No worries, we take it all.

For household residents, you can even add the lint from your dryer. The fiberistic materials helps to break up the heavy food waste and causes it to be lighter in density & decompose faster.

If it came from the earth, it can and should go back to the earth.

Contact us to learn more about our food recycling program or to sign up and discover how YOU CAN make a difference in your community.

How It Works

Each week, on a designated day, our driver visits your home, picks up  your food scraps and drops off a clean receptacle.  Working with local farms, we then place all the food scraps into the ground for composting. In 2 months time the farmers are ready to plant new crops of produce from the same soil that you helped to enrich with your food scraps.

Food Waste Recycling Program - Plymouth, MA Food Waste Recycling Program - Massachusetts Food Waste Recycling Program - South Shore, MA

Garden Building

Want a garden but can’t visualize the size you would need verses the space you would have? Need help building it or want us to do it for you? We offer custom building of gardens of all shapes and sizes. Vegetable or flower gardens, you name it we can build it for you.

Call us and ask us if we can do one for you. We will visit your site for FREE and give you an estimate: 774-454-9274.

Recently we built a 16 foot raised bed vegetable garden for the Council on Aging in Plymouth.

Stage 1: Prepare the ground and get it level.

Stage 1 - Garden Building

Stage 2:  Adding more layers and then adding our fresh compost to fill it.

Stage 2 - Garden Building

Stage 3:  After adding more layers and more compost to fill it, we have completed the project!

Stage 3 - Garden Building

Now, add the veggies or flowers you want to it. We can do that for you also. Just contact us!

Call us at 774-454-9274 for more information regarding our food composting service.

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