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Cardboard Recycling Program For Businesses In Massachusetts

Join us in our efforts to make a difference in Massachusetts by signing up for our cardboard recycling service located in Plymouth MA. At Positive Effects LLC, we offer an affordable, pick up service for all your cardboard waste at your local businesses.

For all current participants on our food waste reduction program, we now offer cardboard recycling for all of your business locations.


All businesses are different in size and therefore the price will be tailored to meet your needs..

  • Small businesses: $10.00 per pick up.
  • Medium businesses: $25.00 per pick up.
  • Large and Extra Large businesses: $50.00 per pick up.

Requirements For Participation

  • Your business must be signed up prior with our food waste recycling program.
  • All boxes must be broken down and neatly stacked & bundled, (50 lbs or less) for easy removal.
  • All boxes must be kept clean and dry prior to removal.
  • Boxes that do not meet the requirements above will not be removed.


  • Participation with both of our programs allows you more space in your dumpster for other disposable items.
  • It allows you to downsize your current dumpster and lowers your expenses for trash removal.
  • For many companies, it allows them to eliminate their dumpsters entirely, becoming more eco-friendly.
  • We will provide your business with promotal material describing your participation in helping us to feed those in need in your community and that you are going greener.

What Do We Do With All The Cardboard?

It is collected and ground down and blended with other recyclable fiberistic materials. Those materials are bagged and used as blown in insulation. Our main goal is to provide as much as possible to low income families (free of charge) to use as added insulation in their homes. We work with contractors to do the work in the home and the contractor reduces the price based on income level.

Heat isn’t cheap! Why waste it?   Reduce the heat loss, reuse the boxes and recycle them with us.

(Before)   Cardboard Recycling Program       (After)    Cardboard Recycling Program

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