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Patricia Welch

Founder & President of Positive Effects LLC. A business professional for over 25 years who’s main goal is to “Make a Difference” in a throwaway society while employing those unemployed first and feeding those in need. She believes in leaving behind a positive effect for future generations to come. You can reach her at: positiveeffectsllc@gmail.com

Cheryl Probasco

Vice President & Inspiration Behind the Scenes. She provides an integral role in support and development while expressing her Love for the Community in which she lives. Her motto: “One, plus one, plus one, put them all together and YES, We Can Make a Difference!”    You can reach her at: positiveeffectsllc2@gmail.com

Contact us in Plymouth, Massachusetts, to learn more about our food recycling.

Why We Do What We Do

About Positive Effects, LLCRead all about what has been written regarding us and the WHY’s behind what we do.

From Wicked Local Plymouth, an article written about us on March 27, 2013
By Emily Clark

Carbon footprints can sound a bit distant and vague but, according to experts, they have a lot to do with how hot it could get in the next 50 years. While this winter was a long one, experts say the carbon we’re churning into the atmosphere is depleting the ozone layer, melting ice bergs on both poles and will, eventually, mean warmer temperatures all around.

The bottom line is human beings are continuing to consume fossile fuels and generate one heck of a lot of waste. What to do when there’s no longer any place or means to dispose of it is a burning question – one for which Patricia Welch says she may have part of the answer.

Her company, Positive Effects LLC, is all about recycling food waste and transforming it into more healthy food that will benefit consumers as well as those in need.

Customers can get an airtight recycling bin in which to toss all their food waste. Positive Effects truck drivers pick up the filled container and hand the client a new, clean one. The food waste is then composted at approved site locations.   The soil is purchased back and given to farmers to grow crops in their fields.   A percentage of the food grown is given to local food pantries and directly to those in need in the local communities.

  • Farmers love the program because it provides them with compost essential to fertilizing and enriching their fields, making their farms more productive.
  • Participants love it because they’re disposing of their food waste in an eco-friendly way that helps those in need.
  • And those in need love the program because it gives them access to healthy food they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

If this sounds like a positive circle, it is. Welch said, the more that participate, the lower the price will go. It is designed to go lower on purpose, she said.

Positive Effects is also about creating new jobs, Welch said and creating more jobs means a better economy all around.

“The vast majority of people we’re employing were off the grid prior to working with us. More income means better buying power”.

The bins are airtight and odor resistant – ideal for any residential space. The bins do not leak and pests can’t get at the contents, Welch said. In addition, the container closes with an easy to turn handle.

The program is timely as Plymouth and the surrounding towns grapple with what to do with their waste. The importance of recycling ramps up every year as the problem becomes more and more severe.   She has always loved gardening, she said, and wanted to start a business that was eco-friendly, good for the community and good for the consumer.

“We just want to have a positive effect on the communities.”

To schedule regular pickups, call 774-454-9274 or email, Patricia at positiveeffectsllc@gmail.com

Patricia Welch - Founder & PresidentPatricia Welch, Founder & President of Positive Effects explaining the food waste recycling and composting business to Robbie Haigh.

This picture and story of the event recently appeared in the Old Colony Memorial on Oct 24-26, 2012

We recently took part in the “Paint it all Pink” event. A business networking event to benefit Jordan Hospital Breast Cancer Center, as well as Habitat for Humanity of Greater Plymouth and the Boys & Girls Club of Carver.

This was a great event drawing lots of local people, raising awareness and getting the community involved.

Thank you to Christy Kendrick and the Work it Wednesday Group for putting on the Expo


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