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Food Recycling Outreach Program

For Massachusetts

Positive Effects, LLC is a recycling company based in Plymouth, MA.

Did You Know? Your Food Waste Can Transform Communities

Learn how in our 5-part email series. Your food waste can create more local jobs, boost your local economy, grow organic food, feed the hungry, provide nutritious food for food pantries and shelters, help and sustain your farms, and transform your community.


Food Waste Recycling Landfill Chart - South Shore, Plymouth, MA

We now accept all food waste, including meat, fish, and dairy.

18 to 20% of all that goes in the landfill is all rotting food.

We take the smell out of the landfill and add nutrients back to the soil.

How It Works And How Your Community Benefits

We believe in leaving behind positive effects in local communities.

We offer curbside pick up to homes and / or businesses on a weekly basis.

All food waste is then composted responsibly, cleanly and efficiently to help create a greener planet.

We help to create an eco-friendly environment by lowering our carbon footprint and reducing greenhouse gases.

We take your food waste and we turn them into a green alternative to nourish the soil and grow organic produce.

Simply stated, the landfills are to overcrowded and we are trying to combat this problem by partnering with local farms to compost the material and make it a useful product instead of putting it in a landfill.  From there, the produce is grown and it is given to us to help feed the people of that community.  It’s a WIN, WIN!

The Food Waste Recycling Cycle

The Food Waste Recycling Cycle


Municipality Pricing

Our food waste recycling and composting service is now being offered at for all Massachusetts towns and cities.   Low, Low pricing is our motto and we include all Public schools for Free.

Call us and we can give you pricing based on curbside or transfer station programs.  Our pricing is based on volume, so the more people that participate, the lower we will go.


——>   FREE  for Massachusetts   <——


Keep your budget from increasing Contact us to see how we can provide you with a FREE service to compost all your food waste and keep in compliance with the new regulations.  Need to know the facts about the new regulations?  Cut & paste link in to your browser to see it:

Business Pricing

  • Not all businesses are the same and you may have certain needs that we can address.
  • Call us and we can do a waste audit and then determine the price for you.
  • Or, show us your current invoices and we will guarantee a lower price.
  • Why pay for more than what you need?  Let US help YOU to keep your costs DOWN.
  • In participating with us, you will also know that we are helping to feed many families in your community with our food donation program.

All types of food waste are accepted. We no longer require “organics only”.

  • For Businesses and Schools, Our 35 gallon receptacles are supplied.
  • All receptacles have locks on them, keeping pests out.
  • We take the filled bins away and leave you with fresh, clean bins every time.
  • All bins are disinfected prior to coming to your facility.
  • We will also take all of your cardboard boxes.  (see our pricing under cardboard collection)

The Positive Effects Of Food Waste Recycling — For You And Your Community

All funds raised within your community goes back into that community by way of donations to the local food pantries and shelters in that area.

There’s no Contract to sign & No long term commitment. Try us for a week free. Tell a neighbor or nearby resident and get another week free.

Contact us to learn more or to sign up for our service. You can also call us: 774-454-9274.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to leave behind a “positive effect” in their community, so for larger facilities such as apartment buildings, gated communities, condos and other multi-unit residences, we have special pricing to accommodate your facility. Just call us and we will make it work for your budget. There’s no time like the present, to let us, help You save money.

Businesses that would like to participate with us will have a visit from us for a waste removal audit to make sure their needs are addressed individually. We have many cost savings methods to help you in your quest to become “Greener” and help our planet by lowering your carbon footprint.

Our Goals

  • Provide Nutritious Food to Local People in Need.
  • Improve the local economy by continuously offering jobs to the unemployed and under employed.
  • Make Our Environment Healthier for Future Generations.
  • Lower the Amount of Food Waste that is put into Landfills.
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gases.

At Positive Effects LLC, in the non-growing season, we also give an additional 10% of our net profit to local food pantries in your own community by providing other much needed items, such as: baby products, canned goods, cereal, pasta, rice, beans and other essential goods.

Contact us at 774-454-9274 to learn more about how you can have your food waste taken care of and put to good use.

Office Hours: Monday–Friday:  9 a.m.– 5 p.m.